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aug 18


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I got three bad bitches and my kids and my kids straight those wrinkles I ain’t trying to make your trying to tell me how to Trevor yeah I got three bad bitches in my kitchen my kids ed time I turn around the kids got handy in my cup but what you said when you said all that disrespectful gonna get you miss since Miss Bobbye standing in the meals looking at a stinking taste you won’t be the stuck as dressing nigga make something a little different for the day something that might not get a lot of you something that my people would bash me on but I mean so what when it come to sneakers sometimes,cheap jordan shoes, I feel the culture kind of get lost in the sauce of whining actually bastions you know why they actually build collections me personally my collection has an array of you know expensive shoes too cheap shoes hyped up shoes – shoes that just really truly fly under the radar I’ve got shoes that I like I buy shoes that actually hold value to me or sentimental value something that I might have seen as a kid.

something that I might have had and was stolen from me or something you know that I really really truly loved the concept or something like that and I believe that in this new culture today a lot of people lose sight of just that like what makes what those shoes mean to you and the shooting I’m either going to today or something something that I’ve just picked up I was gonna purchase it on a Nike but then when I went into one of my stores today that I shot with they actually received them yesterday so I just ended up luckily so I don’t have to wait and this is a shoe that when somebody see it they’re gonna be like you know what what you buy that for I bought it because I enjoy this colorway of this shoe I bought it because to me personally this is the best fusion Jordan silhouette ever made I bought it because I remember when this shoe came out so unique and ,cheap jordans for sale,so different in what was crazy about it is when this shoe originally released it was it was limited you had to be a top-tier tune of 0 to 1 to actually get this shoe but now that it pretty much has so many colorways over the years people could care less about this shoe or people starting to bash this particular shoe and that’s crazy man like for me I like this shoot when it first came out it was respected and out of the shoe is coming back out.

I still respect it so with that being said let’s take our look at G from my youth so without further ado let’s check it out let’s check it out get the full up-close detailed look oh gee Spisak status like I said man this is one of those shoes that you either gonna love or hate me personally I love physics and this particular colorway hands down is the best space I ever made period it doesn’t get any better man like as far as this colorway birds have you man this joint is beautiful I have 360 like I said I don’t particularly give a with nobody think I got shoes in my collection that you know according to people it’s they’re supposed to be there but this one here is a shoe that I feel as though it’s supposed to be in my collection it’s definitely going to my collection now taking a look at the back is pretty weird because this right here was a spit like that has a gold globe in the Jumpman but it doesn’t have the form one in the mars blackmon logo like previous versions they kind of that up a little bit to me and here taking a look at the inside and you have the laser etching from the retro 20 which I’m glad they kind of kept it at minimal because me personally I wasn’t really a fan of the retro 20 so I’m glad they only kept it in the inside and they actually just replaced elephants can with the laser etching the hits of black with the green and red and the white perfect balance many shooters Pop’s shoot pops low – ooh yeah pretty much made to show you guys my personal opinion of what’s wrong with sneaker culture people just don’t know how to buy what they like anymore .

if it has height you bad this shoe was not a gr or anything of that nature and said it was only 500 pair made and people all of a sudden I’m trying to get this shoe but sneaker culture what makes people dive into it is because of your heart it’s supposed to be for your love of sneakers I am a reseller and you know I make money off the shoes,cheap jordan 11, but at the same time I still have a love and a passion for my own personal collection this here is my going in my own personal collection you know I probably wouldn’t even post this shoe on file on 17:21 calm because who’s actually gonna buy it you’re given I’m saying even if I posted it for retail you know it’s just something about it was just like oh you know it’s a Spisak who cares about us busy that’s the thing a person who cares about sneakers and a person who really have a passion for it they will like myself whose are not supposed to only be bought because I hype you know shoes are made mad for your heart what you like hype not what you like hype we checked in last time to check out please be sure to follow me on Instagram Twitter like subscribe to the channel here on YouTube all of my social media handles are saying to the names video you guys know what to do enjoy life be smooth less up you

Jul 19


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I got some pop rocks right here with another unboxing in today I’ve actually got a very special video for you guys I wanted to pick out my five favorite Jordan ones of 2019 and when I thought of this idea I thought what better way to make this video worth all of it but you know adding a giveaway component to it so this video is actually sponsored by the good folks over at stadium Goods and make sure you stay tuned to the end because I’ll tell you how you can win a $1,000 gift card this stadium good season cop whatever you want obviously because of this video maybe you copied Jordan but maybe not I don’t know but anyway let’s go through the video and let’s see what we got so this chair is the okay so this one it didn’t get a lot of hype behind it,cheap jordan 11, but I just thought it was dope because it had a bit of an off-white vibe to it and it was really really well made so here you go this is the first pair and they didn’t have like an official nickname for these I think they were just calling them neutral grey yeah neutral grey our new are is like the nickname that they’ve been given but I just was really impressed with the quality and the materials on these so they have suede here on all of the overlays on the wings on the heel and at the toe it has this like crinkled pre crinkled I should say leather and it’s not like tumbled leather we usually get it’s like this crinkled sort of leather that you get here at the toe box in black which looks cool but the thing that really popped for me on these was just the writing there.

on the side so obviously off-white has had a huge impact on the way that shoes are designed in the way that shoes are put together these days with the unfinished look and sometime that unfinished look has to do with the actual text so this is like the kind of text you would put on a shoe when it’s a sample or something like that so that’s where you have the SP for spring 1901 high o G so if you wanted those off-white vibes but you didn’t want to spend all the money to get an off-white pair then this could kind fit that bill and obviously it has that pop-up orange that gives it that pop of color that goes with a nike air on the tongue let’s move on to the next pair all right okay so I actually bought this pair and I have a pair sitting on the other side of the room.jordan 11 china. I just haven’t worn them yet but I wanted to give you guys look at these just because I thought they were so unique so these like that last pair have that crinkled leather sort of look to them and I believe they were calling these phantom the Air Jordan one phantom and that’s more about the color of the material so they’re really two-toned I know it seems like they’re white but the inlays have like an off-white sort of look but then like the overlays here on this eyelet and around the toe and right here on the wings have almost a grey are they calling it Phantom grey so they’re calling it sale and phantom so I imagine this is being called phantom grey as opposed to just grey and then the rest is sale instead of actual white so it’s a bit of it’s almost it’s an off-white so it’s not like a bright poppy white like you get with in the Air Force one or that you would get here on the eyelid so it adds that all the pop of color and then again they have that crinkle wood leather here on the heel and on the underlays and on the toe it’s a it’s a very unique sort of material my interest is how it’s going to crease .

although I do I don’t mind a crease in my shoes I’m actually all for that having my shoes looking worn I don’t like the deep like bad leather crease I think that just looks bad if it has like the worn increase that works but my concern with these is what that crease would look like with that crinkled leather but I guess the final touch for these is the stitching where they have the black stitching all over they have the black stitching here on the back as well to go with the wings logo and it just really kind of pops out of the sneaker you have this sail in the Phantom that’s really like nice and soft and it kind of goes with the whole vibe of the shoot and then you have that black in the red that kind of punches through and it gives that whole Jordan by obviously black and red is the big Jordan colorways and then those two color really add punch to it alright let’s check out the next one all right next up this pair is okay so this is one that I really really like but the material that they used on these was a little weird but I definitely liked the vibe of these ,cheap jordan shoes,this is the Air Jordan one defiant or the Couture Air Jordan one now they use a tighter shinier leather on these that gives them a definitely a unique look this red stripe is painted onto the leather as opposed at using like red leather right there and it definitely gives the shoe a different vibe the leather on these is a little harder and a little more firm then I would personally prefer but the look of the shoe I think kind of overrules that like that Jim red that they use on these is super super unique to go with this like shiny it’s it’s a shiny black but it’s also like almost like a matte black it’s like in between those two and I think it really gives the shoe a very very unique look it makes it pop to me and definitely gives it a luxury feel that you don’t usually get when you get an Air Jordan ones obviously you have like the off-white ones and you have the Union Jordan ones and those are cool kind of for like what they are but then you see something like this that really I think positions the Air Jordan one in the different space and I don’t know if that’s what Jordan Brand was trying to do but I guess by naming it Couture that kind of basically positioned it as a luxury item and made it one of my favorite releases of this year I just I just really loved the look of this shoe alright let’s check out the next one alright now we get to my other favorite of the year the Lakers Jordan one I actually have a pair of these and I’ve already started wearing these down and these probably will go as my favorite Jordan of the I don’t know there’s there’s another one that kind of has a kind of in second place but this one is easily my favorite .

okay I’m just gonna say this is my favorite Jordan one of the year so far as a Laker fan it’s hard for me to like anything else besides a Laker Jordan one and the fact that it rubs off and reveals the Chicago colorway underneath is just insane to me obviously they have been purple and they have the gold and the white it has like a the tumbled leather at the toe it’s a nice good quality leather all around it’s technically an SB Jordan one so I don’t know if that kind of changes the rules as far as the Air Jordan one but the fact that they linked with Nike SB to bring this all together was just like the highlight of my year when I saw these it was definitely one of the shoes that I was going to make sure I got regardless of whatever else was out there there’s a lot of shoes that come out every year and there’s very few of them that I’m just like I must absolutely have to have that sneaker and this was one of those where I was like I must absolutely have to have it let’s move on to the next one okay so this video is brought to you by the good folks over at stadium Goods they were nice enough to sponsor this video and you know where you can find them they have a store in New York City you can buy from them online and they also have an app if you want to cop something on the resale market they have tons of sizes all of their stuff is guaranteed to be authentic so if you really want to get down with the get-down stadium goods is the place to go but more than that I wanted to definitely make this more than just a sponsored video so what I had them do is give $1000 giveaway to you guys so there’s gonna be a thousand dollar gift card to stadium goods that you can win but there’s a few things you need to do first all of the instructions are down in the description below of everything that you needed to do and then leave a comment here on this video with the Jordan one that you like the most and then also with your Instagram or your Twitter handle so I can contact you if you win so good luck to all of you guys out there but let’s get back to the kicks okay this one is a bonus I know I said it was only gonna be five but I have a bonus here and this is one that I picked out just because you know once I saw the Laker version you have to give love to the NYC to Paris version now this one didn’t get the sort of buzz that the Laker the LA to Chicago version did but I believe that it deserved just as much attention it has the same sort of effect the more you wear it the more it’ll wear away and you’ll see the color underneath the LA to Chicago pair obviously was the hypest version but the New York to Paris version deserved just as much respect from you guys unfortunately it did not everyone has a Chicago cutaway of the Air Jordan 1 and the Laker and it’ll wear away but not many people have this sort of colorway or the kool-aid and just will wear away too so I wanted to throw this one in there as a bonus as maybe a sleeper that you should kind of add to your collection and this colorway this grey and black I think it actually works with probably a lot more than the Laker colorway the Laker color he doesn’t go with anything and take that from a Laker fan let’s get on to number one so you guys can see the final shoot in the list but man I really I really honestly think people slept on these and that they’re gonna regret it yeah but you know that’s how it goes in the sneaker world there’s so much stuff happening right now that you can sleep on a ton of heat and still get some fire kicks and not even think about it I and number one you know what it is it’s the most hyped shoe in the world right now I feel like there’s nothing that’s getting as much attention as this shoe right now it is the Travis Scott Air Jordan one I mean there’s just so much buzz about this sneaker this is my personal pair as you can see I have worn them kept the black laces in they come with extra laces so there’s the red the purple and the off-white color there then there’s a brown pair as well if you want to rock with any of those I’ve seen a lot of people put the red laces in and I think those look dope and there’s a there’s a pair of laces – I think yeah there’s a pink pair there’s just a ton of laces so I have extra go ahead why do I have extra laces I don’t know I have extra laces sitting around but yeah so I know people are really hyped about the pink laces but I just like the black laces just to tie the whole black and the brown together they just just really works well for me what I still want to do for these is the switch out this Nike swoosh and flip it around to the other side because if you take this one off and you take this one off and you put it here but this one there it’ll be the swoosh in the right way I’ve seen a couple people do it on Instagram and I think it actually looks pretty cool so I’m thinking about doing that with my pair these obviously have a few details to them you see they have the Travis Scott logo there on the heel that have the secret pocket here with the red liner which looks really dope I love that they have like that red little finish and there’s almost like a like a satin sort of finish there on the inside and then the materials are really really great the leather on these these is perfect they definitely did a good job picking picking the leather for these I think it definitely takes these up a notch when the leather is really really great it makes them feel better to me in my opinion and then if you look really closely on the medial side of the shoe it says Cactus Jack there as well almost in like it’s almost like whiteout but it’s right on the inside right there on the knight position it’s almost kind of hidden but yeah so just want to give you guys a quick look at these so you guys can get a quick look at what I think are the best Jordan wants to release this year they’re causing the most hype this year and I think it’s a shoe that everyone should definitely have in their collections again if you want to win the stadium Goods gift card make sure you follow the directions down in the description it’s a thousand dollars to the store which can go a long way especially right now when it’s right before you go back to school again follow all the instructions and make sure you leave a comment with which you was your favorite out of this unboxing also make sure you follow stadium Goods stadium Goods over on instagram stating cuz women on instagram and all that stuff that is down in the description as always I’m Jacques Sayed as you guys know I appreciate you thank you for watching make sure you turn on your notifications that way you know whenever something is popping right here on this channel and see you guys soon peace yeah so you picked the cactus jack yes and absolutely Ola the Chicago this is okay how did these two oh gosh I probably have to go with these just as like these are so unique and I feel like everyone’s on the Travis Scott train right now and like no disrespect to them but I think this is such because I’m from LA because I’m a Laker fan this I need the I need the la vies I’d rather have the LA vibes than the Houston vibes if I was from Houston maybe Travis Scott but as a Laker fan like you got to go you got to go with these LA to Chicago and I get once they wear away and you wear a man let’s go to look he’s gonna look so sick people yeah go there gotta go there sorry yeah sorry Travis Scott fans no disrespect but you know LA

Jan 16

6 best Jordan shoes in 2020

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Shoes are a key element in men’s clothing. At the time a brand meets your tastes, you will be faithful to it for many years. Therefore, the Nike brand is recognized for its worldwide capacity and high quality shoes.

Jordan shoes are famous in the world of basketball since their design is modern, timeless and stylish. This is why you should see the following Jordan shoe models for men in 2020. Read on!

1. Jordan Nike Spizike

This shoe is made of leather material and has a non-slip rubber sole. Its innovative closure system has variable laces and a midfoot strap. It comes with the same characteristics of Jordan’s emblematic elements, with an elegant appearance and great comfort. It was inspired by the iconic director “Spike Lee” and refashioned after the renowned lineup of Jordan III, IV, V, VI, and XX.

2. Air Jordan white

This modern shoe is designed with leather materials and synthetic materials, the drawstring closure keeps your foot firm throughout the game. The outsole is rubber with flexible and deep grooves for traction and flexibility. The Air Jordan 1 Mid Men’s Shoes draws an inheritance style from the original 85 AJ1. The Air-Sole unit and the leather material that this shoe presents gives you a high comfort, quality and a superior appearance than other basketball shoes.

3. Jordan Jump man

This shoe is manufactured with a resistant and breathable mesh. The axis of this shoe measures approximately 3.1 from the arch. The shoe features a tie-up tie and a slip-resistant rubber sole. A professional-level design inspired by Jordan’s iconic heritage. The midsole cushioning is soft and responsive while maintaining the durability of all your movements.

4. Jordan True Flight

This shoe has a firm fastening of laces, designed with a mesh that provides greater flexibility and the thin layer present in the shoe, which provides additional support and a rubber sole. These lightweight training shoes are perfect for the runner who wants a flexible shoe but does not want to compromise comfort. The foam core is soft and contoured, offering you light comfort under the foot. Thus, these are the best cheap Jordan shoes.

5. True Flight Kids

If you are looking for reliable and cheap Jordan shoes for sale, then this one is the best you can buy. Jordan True Flight basketball shoes feature a herringbone sole as well as Zoom Air insoles for additional cushioning. Designed with leather material and rubber sole. Fly high in a new basketball shoe that resembles Air Jordan VII. Moreover, the colorway features a black upper part, which includes a lot of contrast stitching along with the patent leather details.

6. Jordan Fly Unlimited

This shoe is made of textile material and rubber sole, which provides greater traction on a wide variety of surfaces.cheap jordan 11,The enveloping strap present in the design of this shoe offers blocking and stability to the movement.

The upper fabric features a full booty construction to provide comfortable containment on the court. Now, Jordan is taking a flight to the next level with this elegant shoe, which will leave the court impressed by its modern design. Also, these are one of the best cheap Jordans available on the market.

Jul 31

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Why most bikers fancy Yamaha fairings

The look and efficiency of a stylishly adorned motorbike is always welcome. It is highly fancied by everyone from bike enthusiasts to non-bike enthusiasts. A stylishly modified motorbike doesn’t only come with a pretty face but it works like a monster as well. Speak about the beauty and the beast all rolled into one. Talking about stylish bikes actually mean that you are referring to bikes that have been modified soon after purchase. However, some bike manufacturers have noticed the high demand for modified bikes and have taken the path to produce their highly-efficient modified bike series for immediate purchase and the bikes are made to require little or no modification.

Features of a modified bike

Most bikers fancy the modified types of bikes due to their ability to successfully compete at all levels during a bike race or their simple ability to leave everyone in awe when stopped at a traffic light. The modified bike stands out in everyway coated to the stock bikes. When considering a fully modified racing bike, it is highly reliable, it has a stylish appearance, it is fuel efficient, transmission and power have been upgraded as well as several other personal features that can be added to upgrade your bike. Thus, people choose their bike upgrades due to what is needed for their bikes to maintain that level of competitiveness during a bike race. But before they get their upgrades first, cheap motorcycle fairings.they have to ensure that they purchase the right bike for the right task. People like spending a small fortune on stylishly-designed motorcycle. The moment they purchase these bikes, they proceed to purchase the most ideal fairing kits for these motorcycles.

Purchasing Yamaha Fairings

In order to achieve these look with their bikes, these bikers approach dealers of all sorts of bike parts like fairings. However, most dealers of motorcycle fairings choose to only specialise in the sales of motorcycle fairings alone. Consequently, they can just walk into the shop of any motorcycle fairings dealer and choose from a wide range of Yamaha fairings that come with super features such as compatibility, stylish designs, versatility and so on. These fairings are just mere add-ons to the motorcycle that enhance the appearance of the bikes without affecting its performance. Basically in terms of the different various available fairings bikers can choose from, they range from Yamaha R1 fairings all the way up to the Yamaha R6 fairings. Furthermore, the fairings are fully versatile and are compatible with all models of the Yamaha Motorcycle.

The best way to purchase the ideal motorcycle fairings

In order to stay competitive at all times, most bikers love purchasing motorcycle fairings as well as creating an upgraded look for their bikes. While these fairings are readily available both offline and online, it is highly recommended that buyers check for the best fairings that will fully match the requirements of their bikes as well as the design that they intend to create for their bikes. However, most dealers of motorbike fairings help buyers get their own personalised fairings for their bikes. All the buyer have to do, is to just select a basic design that they fancy, select the colour as well as the little elements that they wish to add in the custom bike components. And the dealer’s will help them search for it.

dec 13


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We zijn bij Pollevie dol op schaap! Zo hadden we maandenlang schapenvlees op de kaart staan en is deel van onze inrichting van schapenwol.

Een van de redenen dat we dol zijn op schaap is het typisch Brabants karakter. Schapen werden vroeger gebruikt voor natuurbeheer, vooral op de heiden van de Brabantse Kempen. Doordat schapen zulke fanatieke grazers zijn hielden ze de heiden vrij van bomen. Omdat er veel schapen waren, werd er ook veel schapenvlees gegeten. Door de uitvinding van prikkeldraad, machines en kunstmest zijn schapen niet meer nodig voor natuurbeheer. Hierdoor zijn schapen nagenoeg uit het landschap, en ons bord, verdwenen.

De uitvindingen hebben echter hun beperkingen. Om bij te dragen aan de biodiversiteit en het landschap van Brabant is het belangrijk dat schapen weer terug op de heiden komen. Wij maken dit graag mede mogelijk door schapenvlees en –kaas op onze kaart te zetten. Deze producten zijn de ultieme scharrelproducten en prachtig van smaak.

Hartige wafel met paddenstoelenragout, picalilly en crème van Schaepsdijck kaas.

Het vlees en de wol zijn afkomstig van Kempisch Heideschaap. De schapenkaas die we nu in huis hebben komt van Schaepsdyck. Deze kaas verwerken we in een aantal van onze gerechten. De hartige wafel die we op onze lunchkaart hebben staan wordt geserveerd met draadjesvlees of paddestoelenragout, piccalilly van groenten en een crème van Schaepsdyck kaas.

Kempisch Heideschaap is een Ark van de Smaak product. In deze Ark van Slow Food zitten kleinschalige kwaliteitsproducten die tot de cultuur, historie of traditie van een streek of land behoren en biodiversiteit bevorderen. Benieuwd naar meer Ark van de Smaak producten? Lees er alles over!

nov 17


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Onze sommelier Janneke dook in onze klimaatkast voor een goede fles wijn en besprak haar herfstfavoriet met ons. De ‘La Planta’ van 100% temperanillo druif past heerlijk bij het seizoen én een aantal gerechten van onze nieuwe kaart.
La Planta“La Planta komt uit de regio Ribera del Duero, in het noorden van Spanje. In deze streek wordt vooral de temperanillo-druif geteeld. De temperanillo-druif gedijt goed in die omgeving, omdat ze met haar dikke schil goed tegen de hoge temperaturen en temperatuurverschillen kan die kenmerkend zijn voor de regio.” Veel wijnproducenten uit Ribero del Duero zijn aangesloten bij de Denominación de Origen (D.O.), het label staat voor waarborging van kwaliteit en afkomst van de wijn. Ook de producent van de La Planta, Bodegas Arzuaga Navarro, is aangesloten bij dit label.

De La Planta wordt gekenmerkt door haar volle smaak, afkomstig uit de druif zelf en van de houtlagering die de wijn gehad heeft.Nike Pas Cher Homme, Door deze volle smaak past de wijn goed bij de uitgesproken smaak van wild. Bij Pollevie staat nu een duo van wild zwijn op de kaart, geserveerd met gepofte knolselderij, gevulde paddenstoelen en een jus van jeneverbessen. Het wild in combinatie met aardse garnituren vraagt om een stevige wijn zoals de La Planta. We hopen dat onze herfstfavoriet u ook bevalt!

Bij Pollevie hebben we een klimaatkast die alle wijnen precies op de juiste temperatuur houdt.

Wist je dat rode wijn vaak veel te warm gedronken wordt? Van oudsher drinken we rode wijn op kamertemperatuur, Chaussures Nike Pas Cher,maar in de verwarmde en geïsoleerde huizen van tegenwoordig is dit eigenlijk niet meer van toepassing. Met de 21°C in onze woonkamers komt de smaak van alcohol te veel naar boven. Rode wijn is het best van smaak tussen de 15 en 17°C, koel de wijn dus even voordat je hem drinkt. www.odos-karate.fr,Maar drink hem ook niet te koud, want dan wordt de wijn vlak van smaak.