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aug 18

I got three bad bitches and my kids and my kids straight those wrinkles I ain’t trying to make your trying to tell me how to Trevor yeah I got three bad bitches in my kitchen my kids ed time I turn around the kids got handy in my cup but what you said when you said all that disrespectful gonna get you miss since Miss Bobbye standing in the meals looking at a stinking taste you won’t be the stuck as dressing nigga make something a little different for the day something that might not get a lot of you something that my people would bash me on but I mean so what when it come to sneakers sometimes,cheap jordan shoes, I feel the culture kind of get lost in the sauce of whining actually bastions you know why they actually build collections me personally my collection has an array of you know expensive shoes too cheap shoes hyped up shoes – shoes that just really truly fly under the radar I’ve got shoes that I like I buy shoes that actually hold value to me or sentimental value something that I might have seen as a kid.

something that I might have had and was stolen from me or something you know that I really really truly loved the concept or something like that and I believe that in this new culture today a lot of people lose sight of just that like what makes what those shoes mean to you and the shooting I’m either going to today or something something that I’ve just picked up I was gonna purchase it on a Nike but then when I went into one of my stores today that I shot with they actually received them yesterday so I just ended up luckily so I don’t have to wait and this is a shoe that when somebody see it they’re gonna be like you know what what you buy that for I bought it because I enjoy this colorway of this shoe I bought it because to me personally this is the best fusion Jordan silhouette ever made I bought it because I remember when this shoe came out so unique and ,cheap jordans for sale,so different in what was crazy about it is when this shoe originally released it was it was limited you had to be a top-tier tune of 0 to 1 to actually get this shoe but now that it pretty much has so many colorways over the years people could care less about this shoe or people starting to bash this particular shoe and that’s crazy man like for me I like this shoot when it first came out it was respected and out of the shoe is coming back out.

I still respect it so with that being said let’s take our look at G from my youth so without further ado let’s check it out let’s check it out get the full up-close detailed look oh gee Spisak status like I said man this is one of those shoes that you either gonna love or hate me personally I love physics and this particular colorway hands down is the best space I ever made period it doesn’t get any better man like as far as this colorway birds have you man this joint is beautiful I have 360 like I said I don’t particularly give a with nobody think I got shoes in my collection that you know according to people it’s they’re supposed to be there but this one here is a shoe that I feel as though it’s supposed to be in my collection it’s definitely going to my collection now taking a look at the back is pretty weird because this right here was a spit like that has a gold globe in the Jumpman but it doesn’t have the form one in the mars blackmon logo like previous versions they kind of that up a little bit to me and here taking a look at the inside and you have the laser etching from the retro 20 which I’m glad they kind of kept it at minimal because me personally I wasn’t really a fan of the retro 20 so I’m glad they only kept it in the inside and they actually just replaced elephants can with the laser etching the hits of black with the green and red and the white perfect balance many shooters Pop’s shoot pops low – ooh yeah pretty much made to show you guys my personal opinion of what’s wrong with sneaker culture people just don’t know how to buy what they like anymore .

if it has height you bad this shoe was not a gr or anything of that nature and said it was only 500 pair made and people all of a sudden I’m trying to get this shoe but sneaker culture what makes people dive into it is because of your heart it’s supposed to be for your love of sneakers I am a reseller and you know I make money off the shoes,cheap jordan 11, but at the same time I still have a love and a passion for my own personal collection this here is my going in my own personal collection you know I probably wouldn’t even post this shoe on file on 17:21 calm because who’s actually gonna buy it you’re given I’m saying even if I posted it for retail you know it’s just something about it was just like oh you know it’s a Spisak who cares about us busy that’s the thing a person who cares about sneakers and a person who really have a passion for it they will like myself whose are not supposed to only be bought because I hype you know shoes are made mad for your heart what you like hype not what you like hype we checked in last time to check out please be sure to follow me on Instagram Twitter like subscribe to the channel here on YouTube all of my social media handles are saying to the names video you guys know what to do enjoy life be smooth less up you

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